Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alvinne Craft Beer Festival 2012

On March 3-4, 2012, craft brewery Alvinne will play host to the Alvinne Craft Beer Festival at their brand new brewery in Moen. Moen is a small town in West-Vlaanderen, Belgium, near the city of Kortrijk and about 50 km south-west of Gent.

This is the 5th time Alvinne arranges this beer festival, the four previous times it was in conjunction with the larger Zythos Bier Festival but this year Zythos will be held late in March so the two festivals have nothing in common anymore.

Unlike Zythos, which is a Belgium beer only festival, Alvinne has a policy of inviting breweries from all over Europe and from the US. At the festival last year some of the highlights were Stillwater from the US, Revelation Cat from Italy, Mikkeller from Denmark, De Molen from the Netherlands and De Struise from Belgium. For the 2012 festival the following breweries will attend (I've included some of the draft beer that will be available):

  1. Brouwerij de Molen (NL)
    • Tsarina Esra Reserva 2010 Bourbon BA (11% imperial stout)
    • Mooi & Machtig 2012 (17,4% barley wine)
    • Galg & Rad Imperial Stout (12% imperial stout, Bourbon BA w/ brett)
    • Bakker wort Brauwer (11% imperial stout on cask!)
    • Haver & Gort Speyside BA (13% oatmeal imperial stout)
  2. Marble (EN)
    • Chocolate (5,5% porter)
    • Dobber (5,9% golden ale)
  3. Twickenham Fine Ales (EN)
    • Anglo-Belgian Imperial Stout (9% imperial stout brewed with Alvinne)
    • Black & Tan (6,7% dark ale)
  4. Redemption Brewing Company (EN)
    • Fellowship Porter (5,1% porter)
    • Big Chief (5,5% ipa)
  5. Thornbridge (EN)
    • Saint Petersburg French Oak BA (7,4% russian imperial stout)
    • Raven Dry Hopped Edition (6,6% black ipa)
    • Jaipur Dry Hopped Edition (5,9% ipa)
  6. Broodie's (EN)
    • Dalston Black IPA (7% black ipa)
    • Hackney Red IPA (6,1% ipa)
    • Awesomestow IPA (7,2% ipa)
    • Romanov Empress Stout Rioja BA (12,1% imperial stout)
  7. Fanø Brygus (DK)
    • Viola Sofia 2011 (10,3% imperial stout)
    • Pinkkulinthu IIPA (12% triple ipa)
    • Edison Ale (8% abbey tripel)
  8. Evil Twin Brewing (DK)
    • Sønderho Hipster Ale White Wine BA (5,5% pale ale w/brett)
    • Epilogue (8% belgian strong made with Muscovado)
    • Nurse Pepper (7,5% smoked porter)
    • Femme Fatale Brett (6% ipa made with brettanomyces)
  9. Hawkshead Brewery (UK)
    • New Zealand Pale Ale (6% ipa on cask)
    • Brodie's Prime Reserve (8,5% barrel aged imperial porter on cask)
    • Damson and Vanilla Porter (8,5% porter on cask)
  10. Hair of the Dog Brewing Company (US)
    • Adam (10% traditional ale)
    • Doggie Claws (11,5% barley wine)
    • Blue Dot (7% double ipa)
  11. HaandBryggeriet (NO)
    • Costa Rica (6,5% porter infused with coffee)
    • Sundland Kreosot (6,5% black ipa brewed with smoked malt)
    • Dobbel Dose (9% double ipa)
    • Sur Megge (7% sour ale)
    • HaandBakk (8,5% flanders red style sour ale)
    • Norwegian Wood (6,5% traditional ale brewed with smoked malt)
  12. Bierbrouwerij Emelisse (NL)
    • LVSTRO (8% russian imperial stout)
    • Holland Oats (6,4% ipa brewed with Stillwater)
    • Black IPA Brettanomyces (8% black ipa w/brett)
    • Imperial Russian Stout Ardbeg BA (11% imperial stout)
  13. De Struise Brouwers (BE)
    • 5 Squared (25% dark blond)
    • Single Black (2% stout)
    • Shark Pants (9% Belgian-style double ipa, brewed with Three Floyds).
    • Pannepot Special Reserva Port BA (10% belgian strong ale)
In addition to the guest breweries, Alvinne will naturally present some of their own beers, both on keg and cask, such as Undressed (6,9% Flemish Sour Ale), Morpheus Dark (10,2% belgian strong ale), Mano Negra (10% imperial stout) and Wild West (6% sour ale) made in collaboration with US brewery Stillwater.

The festival starts at noon, both on Saturday and Sunday, and closes at 10 pm on Saturday and 6 pm on Sunday.

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